About Us

Share our passion for our
beautiful island paradise

Our History

Tan Tan Tours is owned and operated by Wave Phillips of St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands. His passion for engines that began at only nine years old developed into a love of four-wheeling in rough terrain that through the years led him to every corner of the island. Although he left St. Croix to finish school in Boston, MA, he was again drawn back to the unique natural history and beauty of the island of his youth. Upon his return, he pondered how to share his love of the island and draw visitors' attention to its natural wonders. It was then Tan Tan Tours was born—and a motto says it all: "Where The Tan Tan Trees Grow We Go!"

Tan Tan Tours enables adventurers to see the island in ways rarely experienced by visitors. From towering tropical forests to pristine shoreline hideaways, guests will enjoy a memorable adventure not soon forgotten.

As a bonus for those that choose not to mix work with pleasure, there is very little hiking. It's about four-wheeling and exploring special places people rarely see. But the occasional short walk, like the one that leads you to the Tidal Pools, is well worth it. Come experience the thrill for yourself!