Domino Club

Home of the beer drinking pigs

Mt. Pellier Domino Club by Richard Davis

When the burdens of life that tear at the soul and spirit become too painful, people seek out the help of psychiatrists and therapists. If they lived on the Island of St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands they have an option not available elsewhere. Her name is Norma George and her Mt. Pellier Hut Domino Club is arguably one of the most therapeutic environments available anywhere on the planet.

Some might simply call the club a bar and label George a bartender, but they would miss the essence of this remarkable woman and her work. Sitting at the bar on any afternoon, hugs and big friendly smiles are doled out in five or ten minute intervals. Anyone who has been to the bar more than once and has a conversation with Norma realizes healers come in many form, and Norma makes it clear that her nearly constant smile and welcoming spirit she freely offers are the signs of a woman who loves making people happy.

Patrons, or more correctly, Norma's children as they describe themselves, feel that they have become part of a special family that shares not only the happy times but also the difficult times.

Sitting at the bar under the thatched roof as the gentle breezes pass through the tropical rain forest puts one in a state not unlike that induced by a liberal dose of Valium. When alcohol and the presence of a woman who exudes welcoming and infectious happiness are added to the cocktail it becomes clear that even paradise can be improved upon.